Friday, September 27, 2013

Too sweet for words.



This is my friend's almost-one-month-old baby girl.  Isn't she beautiful?  We did a mini photo shoot last night as the sun was setting.  She is too sweet for words.  We of course had to get a few pictures of her big brother out on the front walk where all the kids play.  If you look closely he's wearing a pair of green butterfly wings that he put on while playing with my daughter. Love it!  He'll be a great big brother to a little sister :0)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Azhar is one of the sweetest people I know.  I feel so blessed to have met her here in St. Louis and to be able to call her my friend.  She is forever doing things to help and serve my little family.  Bless you, Azhar!  A few weeks ago she and her cute little (soon-to-be-growing) family were over at our place for a BBQ.  I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of her BEAUTIFUL self, baby bump and boys!

P.S. I do not understand Blogger formatting.  Anyone else?  The pictures and text in this post were fighting me tooth and nail and I could NOT get them lined up properly.  Battle lost.  Oh well.

Friday, August 23, 2013

beautiful morning light.





I think it's tradition now to do a photo shoot of Heather while I'm in town...What can I say, I love to take pictures and she doesn't mind being in them.  It's a winning combo ;0)  In any case, it was so fun capturing the beautiful morning light streaming over Squaw Peak.  And my Parents' back yard never disappoints.  A lovely morning indeed.  Thanks, Heather.  Til next time :0)

Thursday, August 22, 2013


 Aren't my in-laws cute? :0)


Can we say modge podge of pictures?!  It's just a smattering from the {cough} thousands I took while visiting our families in Utah.  I just had to include some pictures of the cousins playing. It was one of my most favoritest things about our trip :0)  (I was needing some updated pictures so we did little mini photo shoots.  You guys are always so great to humor me!!  Aren't my sister-in-law and her girls gorgeous?)

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