Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stephanie & Bryce.

Stephanie & Bryce-- This was my first time doing a formal shoot and I LOVED it! Stephanie was gorgeous, Bryce was so cute to help carry Stephanie's train as we walked from place to place (you've got a winner!), and we had such beautiful settings for the shoot. Win-Win-Win :0) Now comes the big day!!

**Thanks to all of you who were on the
"photo shoot crew" and braved the cold weather!**

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Rasmusons.

The Rasmusons-- What a CUTE family, eh?! :0) They were such good sports...their son hadn't gotten a good nap (we all know how NOT fun that is for everyone). So instead of having posed family pictures, we decided to get candid shots of them all playing together and watching their son explore the back yard. I think that those can be the best shots anyway!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Becky--For those of you who know Becky...YES she's already married and NO these aren't really her bridals. Just had to clarify :0) She was just nice enough to be my model while I experimented with a new lens (35mm f1.8) and practiced for an upcoming formal shoot I'm doing. Now that's a great friend, eh? And would you EVER guess that she had a baby 5 months ago? Me neither :0) In any case, THANK YOU Becky! You were awesome!!

P.S. Of course March decided to send a snow storm the day we had set to do this shoot. So we ended up doing all the shots in my Parents' home. It wasn't preferred, but was a great opportunity to be a little more creative with the natural light in the house.

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