Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soeur Siwachok.

Soeur Siwachok--- Emily was one of my dear French 101 students, and I was beyond thrilled when she got called to serve in the Talouse France Mission!! :0) In any case, here are a few from the (pre)missionary photo shoot we did back in July. I loved her idea of getting more realistic shots!

In any case, best wishes on your mission.
You're going to be an amazing missionary!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Petersens.

The Petersens-- It was so sweet working with this couple and their new little boy. It's always special taking pictures of a new little baby, recently welcomed to this Earth. And isn't he just a cutie? What a handsome little boy! Thank you guys for such a fun shoot!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Davidsons.

Love these :0)

The Davidsons--- No they don't bear the Graden name, but they are part of the family :0) And they should look familiar....I've done a few previous shoots with them and think they're great! What a cute and fun family.

The Gradens (5).

The Gradens (5)--- Here are some random pictures we took of the siblings and such. I think my favorite has to be the top one, where David is holding himself up above everyone else. Love it! You guys are too much fun :0)

The Gradens (4).

LOVE this! :0)

Bryan's cousin was awesome to take some family pictures for us. I picked the location, set up the scene and he snapped away. THANK YOU, Michael!...

(Take a closer look, I love that she's picking
her nose while we're busy kissing! :0))

Doesn't she look like Fievel the Mouse? :0)

The Gradens (3).

We had to get one with cute Grandma!
(Pink is her favorite color...and I love how it adds such a fun touch to this picture :0))

A quick little swing break for the kids...
while moving from point A to point B.

The Gradens (3)--- Here's the whole clan! I'd never done a full photo shoot of such a big kept me on my toes, but was really fun! As a side note, I had scoped out all my spots 15 minutes before the shoot. At that point it was overcast and rain was forecasted. When everyone came out for the pictures, out came the sun. The cloud coverage would have been great, but oh well. C'est la vie! In any case, sun in their eyes and all...they were all great sports. THANKS YOU GUYS!!! :0)

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