Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Cailin-- What a CUTE strawberry blonde! She has such a fun little personality and is a natural in front of the camera. Not to mention her adorable little bows (from every little detail...check it out, they have awesome accessories!) Mindy, thanks for letting me photograph Cailin...she is such a cutie! :0)


Becky Soderquist said...

Sarah, you're doing it! Good for you. These are beautiful. I love how interesting and different the moods of each picture are. Photography is definitely a special talent of yours. I love them all, with a few most-favorites being the one of Brigg looking up while holding the frog and the last one here of Cailin in the huge pot. Looking forward to seeing more! :D

britta said...

Okay, so SERIOUSLY! You are an amazing photographer! I am dazzled! Next time we're in Utah, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take Mel's picture!

Jess Perry said...

You are very good. I am really impressed with these pictures. I have a quick question? Did you give Mindy the rights to her photos? There are a few that I want to use for my website and I was just wondering.

Email me at jessica@everylittledetailonline.com and let me know if that is okay. If not, we can remove them.


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