Monday, June 29, 2009

Liberty, Johnny and Evey.

Liberty loves her little car so it quickly became the center of most of her pictures. It was fun to see her light up with her beloved toy in the spotlight! What a cute and photogenic 3 yr old.

This sequence was more by chance than anything. I was sitting on the grass trying to get some crawling pictures of Evey when I looked up and got these fun swinging shots.

It was cute to see a somewhat shy Johnny come out of his shell a bit while playing around the yard. I love the middle picture with the big red barn, yellow dump truck, the tumbleweed (that must have blown in...I didn't stage it there!) and cute Johnny concentrating on his art.

Evey reminded me a lot of my own daughter except that for the life of me I couldn't get her to smile. She had this furrowed brow most of the shoot, but was adorable anyway! The best was watching her keep up with her older siblings. Go Evey! :0)

As you can tell, this time I ended up playing around with different series of pictures. I'm a sucker for collages, but have been experimenting with action shots and series of 3 or more.

For the photo shoot I decided to play around with different props. (I picked up some chalk at the Dollar Store turned out being perfect to provide some entertainment for the kids while I got some fun shots! The rope swing and toy dump truck were also successes.) I've been finding that it's a lot easier to just let the kids play and get candid shots along the way.

Rachel, thanks for bringing Liberty, Johnny and Evey over!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Sarah... I got the CD today... THANK YOU!!! All of the pictures are just AMAZING! Really, with how unfocused the kids were being, I wasn't planning on getting anything super cute. You are a miracle worker!! Honestly, you did an awesome job, I am VERY pleased! Thanks!!

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