Friday, July 10, 2009

Em and Kris.

(They had just gone to get pedicures together :0))

Em and Kris-- Em is my older sister who has ALWAYS watched out for me, and is always there to listen without judging. I sure love her! (And isn't she beautiful? Wow! She has such striking features and has always been so cute and stylish!)

Kris might as well be a sister :0) She and Em have been friends since they were just little and she has spent many an hour at our house. How fun that we get "adopted siblings!" I think Kris is so beautiful too...and love how her blonde hair and blue eyes make such a nice contrast from Em's dark hair and dark eyes. (That's the photographer in me :0)) In any case it was fun doing this little photo shoot while Kris was up visiting.

Thanks girls!

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Cute! You did a great job! Thanks Sarah!!! You are so sweet!

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