Friday, September 11, 2009

Mini Halloween photo shoots.

The other day my husband and I were strolling through Walmart when we turned down the kids' aisle and spotted the costumes they had for toddlers. (I admit, several years ago I would have been annoyed at the fact that the stores were already gearing up for the holiday, but somehow having a baby has changed things!) Within two minutes or less we had a costume in the cart. Gotta love it! But 8 bucks, not too shabby :0)

The next day I dressed my daughter up in her giraffe costume (so stinkin' cute!) and showed my mom. After commenting on how cute she looked, she requested that I get pictures of her EARLY on so that she could send them out to family and friends. That's grandma for you :0) So the thought came to me that maybe there were others out there who could benefit from such a photo bring a smile to all the proud grandmas and grandpas in your life!

Here's a run down of pricing, dates, times (--it's 9 to 11 AM--) and such:

(Click image to enlarge.)

A few days after the photo shoot I will email you my favorite shots (which will all be retouched and looking great). You'll send me a quick email reply to let me know which one(s) you want me to use for your custom card(s). No need to come back for a proofing session or to pick up a CD*. I'll simply email you back with your card attached, just as you've selected. At that point you can do WHATEVER you want with the can go and get it printed, you can email it to grandma, post it on your blog, upoload it to your Facebook. So, not only do you get an awesome custom card but the retouched photos are yours! Great deal, eh? :0)

*if you'd prefer having a CD rather than receiving the photos by email you're welcome to purchase a CD for $5.

I'll have a handful of CUTE layouts for you to choose from.
Here are a few to give you a glimpse...

Drop me a line
to reserve your spot!

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