Monday, October 19, 2009


15 comments = FREE 5x7 print for Sarah!
Which are your favorite pictures? Why?

Sarah-- Sarah is such a beauty with her blonde hair and blue eyes and is a sweet and fun girl!! She might as well be my younger sister, not because we look anything alike, but because her sister is my best buddy and I have spent MANY a good time at their house! I was so delighted that she asked me to do her senior pictures. Hope you like 'em Sarah :0)


Becky said...

LOVE 'EM ALL!!!!!!!!!! :) What a darling sis. What a fabulous photographer friend. I think my two possibly slightly-more-favorite-of-all-the-favorites are the ones of Sarah leaning up against the convertible with the cute skirt and red shoes and also the last one on the post (the three close-ups of her face with different so-Sarah expressions). Beautiful all!

Megs said...

LOVE THESE!!! ....but I love the ones by the car the mostest! ;0) fabulous work Sarah!

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