Thursday, October 14, 2010

Loving Autumn Weather.

(Click to's really TOO cute.)

Yesterday my daughter and I went out to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL Autumn weather. I am LOVING it!!! She just passed 22 months and I decided it was time for another photo shoot. We had such a good time...she ran around, searched for acorn "hats", and marveled as the wind blew. Such precious times.


Jon, Meghan, and Emory said...

my word, she has the most beautiful eyes! i love them.

deb said...

Hi Sweetie!
Oh my, FUN to see our little Brie in action! The photos really captured her enthusiasm. And I loved the spot of the butterfly leggins, too cute!"0) Just thoroughly enjoyed this post!
'Biscus (aka MoM)

Dacia said...

She's so cute!

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