Monday, August 24, 2009

Rebecca & Justin and Julia

(I was keeping Brie occupied with Cheerios...Julia found my secret stash and was excitedly showing it to her parents. Too cute!)

Rebecca & Justin and Julia-- Rebecca and I go way back! (We've been friends since 1st grade :0)) Over twenty years later we are both married to amazing guys, and she and her husband just celebrated their 7th anniversary!

I look up a lot to these two and their marriage...the wonderful friendship that they have, how much fun they have together, and that they still have that twinkle when they look at each other ;0) Not to mention their adorable little curly-blonde-hair-blue-eyed daughter. What a cutie!

*We did this photoshoot in Rebecca's parents' backyard. Isn't it amazing?! (They had their wedding reception here so I thought it'd be fun to capture a few more memories in honor of their anniversary.)

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britta said...

SOOOOOO cute! I love all your work!

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