Monday, August 31, 2009

The Tullis Family.

The Tullis Family-- A few weeks ago we went down to Spring City to welcome home one of our cousins from his mission for the LDS Church. The church meetings were inspiring and it was really special being surrounded by immediate and extended family. Afterward everyone headed over to this really pittoresque barn for a luncheon. I couldn't help but snagging the Tullises to get a few snapshots of their WHOLE family reunited! Happy times :0)

Welcome home Elder Tullis!

And thank you all for being patient
during my mini-impromptu photo shoot!

(I had fun playing around with Black & White and sepia
AND with "creating" new pictures by cropping a larger picture in different ways.)

1 comment:

britta said...

It is SOOOOO fun to watch your talent progress!!!!! These pictures are beautiful!!! And..... AAAAAAAA!!!!!! Squeal! I LOVE that you are making it a business! Your startup special is FABULOUS, and I am just soooooooo excited for you!!!! I'll tell everyone!

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