Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Becky--For those of you who know Becky...YES she's already married and NO these aren't really her bridals. Just had to clarify :0) She was just nice enough to be my model while I experimented with a new lens (35mm f1.8) and practiced for an upcoming formal shoot I'm doing. Now that's a great friend, eh? And would you EVER guess that she had a baby 5 months ago? Me neither :0) In any case, THANK YOU Becky! You were awesome!!

P.S. Of course March decided to send a snow storm the day we had set to do this shoot. So we ended up doing all the shots in my Parents' home. It wasn't preferred, but was a great opportunity to be a little more creative with the natural light in the house.


Walt and Julie Johnson said...

These are beautiful, Sarah!

Becky said...

Oh, these are beautiful too! And no, I can't believe she had a baby 5 months ago. :) Go Becky. She's always been so lovely. And go you, Sarah. One of my favorites was of the back of Becky's dress while she stood at the window.

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