Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stephanie & Bryce.

Stephanie & Bryce-- This was my first time doing a formal shoot and I LOVED it! Stephanie was gorgeous, Bryce was so cute to help carry Stephanie's train as we walked from place to place (you've got a winner!), and we had such beautiful settings for the shoot. Win-Win-Win :0) Now comes the big day!!

**Thanks to all of you who were on the
"photo shoot crew" and braved the cold weather!**


Krystell said...

Sarah!! I love love LOVE these pics...and the locations are just PERFECT!! You are one talented little chica =0)

Heather said...

I love them! It makes me want to do a photoshoot in my dress...but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be appropriate hahaha. It would be fun...
I like some of the special effects you did too. I like the vintage ones. Getting ready for next Saturday??? :) I'm excited I am able to help you with anything you need!

britta said...

Seriously fabulous pictures!! Oh my goodness... I LOVE her dress! beautiful!

29ismine said...

Absolutly STUNNING!! Perfect location, perfect softnes/lighting....they are beautiful! You are amaing girly girl!

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