Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We had to get a few of the two of them together.

Alex-- I had to laugh when my sister-in-law's name was drawn as one of the winners for my give away. But I knew she was meaning to give it away from the beginning...she's nice like that :0) Alex, an old roommate and good friend of Heather's, was the lucky recipient of the photo shoot...and I'm so glad. I LOVED this shoot. The weather and lighting were beautiful, Alex was so photogenic and grateful and fun! I just can't get enough of awesome shoots like this! :0)


Jenny Koim said...

Sarah, these pictures are beautiful and fun to look at! Congratulations! So are you really moving to St. Louis? I saw on your profile. If you will still be here around the end of June, we will be having Julinna's 2nd birthday party and you, Rachel, and Emily are invited. Let me know. Thanks and keep up the great photos!

Becky said...

WOW, Sar! These are gorgeous. Stunning, actually. Wow.

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