Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Ayae-- Isn't she gorgeous? This girl could totally go into modeling if she wanted! A few side notes: Ayae is wearing the traditional Japanese kimono that she wore for her wedding AND that was given to her by her Mother who also had worn it for HER wedding. How cool is that? Also, Becky Thorpe (who is currently working on her blog) did Ayaye's hair and makeup...it turned out so beautifully...simple yet striking. In any case, this photo shoot was like nothing I'd ever done before, but was challenging and fun! Thanks you girls, you were awesome!!

** The chain-link fence may seem really out of place with such an elegant magnolia tree, but from an artistic and metaphoric standpoint, I honestly really like the juxtaposition. In my mind it seems fitting for a photo shoot of a Japanese girl who was raised in a traditional home but who is also part of a different generation. Through it all she is able to embrace both the old and the new. Cheesy? Maybe. But to me it's cool :0) **

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