Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sister Jensen.

Sister Jensen-- She is headed off TOMORROW to the MTC and was awesome to take an hour of her last TWO days to do this photo shoot. It ended up being pretty sunny (Sun in May? in Utah? THIS year? :0)) and although it was nice that the rain stopped...we were grateful for the 5 minutes of overcast we got. And second best thing was this dark pink tree! WOW, love the color! Anyway, I had a great time... I've really enjoyed the few missionary photo shoots I've done...it makes me think of my mission. Oh what wonderful memories!

Best wishes, Sister Jensen!
You're going to be an amazing missionary.

1 comment:

katheryn said...

Sarah! So I was looking at Camis facebook. Being all creepy like and found your blog. AMAZING pictures! I love them.
Katheryn Baird

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